We really are Tracking the Future

Geobox is Australia’s leading independent provider of Trailer Tracking and Video Telematics solutions. Established in 2008, we are a small but committed team of experts with over 30 years experience providing wireless communications technology and software systems to mobile fleets across Australia.

We aim to make the job of operating a mobile fleet simpler, more efficient and safer through the use of the innovative technology in the vehicle and the office.

We do not to push solutions, instead we focus on listening to your business objectives and operational processes so we can identify where we can help your business with easy to use, yet powerful technology.

As an independent provider we are not locked into a single range of products, which means that we can put together integrated systems from different vendors that offer the best in class performance today.

We are therefore very proud to be able to offer the multi award winning Webfleet and Visiontrack range of commercial telematics products which complement our own locally developed products. These are excellent systems for small and medium sized fleets. They are Technically brilliant, great value, quick to implement, reliable, scalable for future growth and integration, well supported and secure.

Most importantly we have a commitment to providing the very best ongoing Training and Support to make sure your project is a success and will assist you in finding complementary solutions and expertise wherever we can.

Our fleet users enjoy an unsurpassed level of professionalism, integrity from us and the many benefits that our solutions bring to their business.

If you are fed up with poor service and value for money from your existing Telematics provider, you are not alone. We know the big providers are adept at Sales and will lock you in to long-term contracts, but as soon as technical issues arise you are at the back of a very long support queue. We have a different approach:


  • Best in Class Technology
  • Free Trials
  • No Lock in Contracts
  • Personal Service
  • Value for Money
  • Long Term Warranty and Support