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    • Web based Vehicle Tracking with Video
    • Easy to use, super reliable, advanced features
    • Access live video from your fleet
    • Works with the amazing new RH600 Dual 3G Dashcam
    • The best platform if you need multi camera connected dashcams and advanced tracking
    • New to Australia 2018
    • Dual HD 720p Video Quality
    • Excellent Day/Night performance
    • Integrated 4G connectivity for remote Live and Historical Video Playback
    • Integrated GPS and Accelerometer for live GPS tracking
    • Secure Event Video recording (not overwritten)
    • Automatic Video Loop Recording
    • Support for 128GB High capacity SD Cards, up to 80 Hours 2Ch Loop HD Video
    • Lockable/Tamperproof
    • 2 Year Warranty
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