Fleet Management Solutions

Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 5,000, you can optimize efficiency and improve productivity across your business with Geobox’s Fleet Management Solutions. Geobox Fleet Management Solutions will always help you know where your vehicles are.

With Geobox fleet management systems, you can increase the productivity of your fleet and your mobile workforce.
With the help of Geobox fleet management systems, you can streamline your operations, rapidly change orders, and assign tasks to your mobile workforce while keeping track of driving and working hours in real-time.

Fleet management systems from Geobox often pay for themselves within 6 to 9 months of the initial investment.

You can contact us right now or read more about Geobox’s fleet management solutions below.

4G Video Telematics

4G Video Telematics The next generation of all-in-one, HD vehicle CCTV and tracking solutions. Geobox 4G Video Telematics Solutions will help:

  • Improve and manage driver behavior
  • Improve fuel consumption and lower vehicle wear and tear
  • Live video streaming and historical on-demand playback

Live Trailer Tracking

Battery-powered live trailer tracking solutions for any type of truck or trailer.

  • Improved utilization from better allocation decisions
  • Better oversight of contractors’ compliance with directives
  • Reduced maintenance costs from Km based servicing instead of a time-based schedule

Webfleet Trailer Tracking

Simply attach a Geobox 4G tracking device to your asset and we can show its movements in your existing Webfleet system as a dynamic address

Smart Dispatching by Geobox

Simply utilize the efficient order dispatch procedures and techniques provided by Geobox’s fleet management solution.

  • Dynamic Work process

  • Productive Communications

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Geobox’s online tools

Vehicle Tracking solutions

Geobox offer a range of Vehicle Tracking solutions designed to meet the needs of every business.

Professional GPS Navigation

  • GPS Navigation

  • Best Maps

  • IQ Routes

  • Award Winning Navigation

Improved Driver Behavior

GeoBox offers solutions with real-time driver behavior feedback to encourage safe and effective driving.

  • Active Driver Real-Time Feedback
  • Bringing down costs

  • Notified Driving Events

  • Drivers can Relax, using the Navigation

  • Performance Evaluation

Driver Fatigue Monitors (DFM)

Geobox’s unique approach to video telematics is helping tackle some of the most complex challenges faced by the fleet, transport, and insurance sectors. Our connected camera solutions are underpinned by a device-agnostic, multi-award-winning IoT platform. By providing the highest levels of operational insight, business intelligence, and enriched vehicle data, organizations can make strategic mobility decisions.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Our connected Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) solution will now combine a forward-facing camera along with an in-vehicle fatigue and distraction monitor, driver feedback device, and HD mobile digital video recorder (DVR). The industry-leading technology is designed to enable road transport operators to tackle traffic incidents before they arise.



Geobox enables you to enhance safety throughout the entire fleet and provides direct support to drivers in their vehicles.

  • Fleet management relieves stress for drivers

  • Encourage safe driving

  • Manage driving time

  • Improve maintenance scheduling