Fleet Management Solutions

Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 5,000, you can optimise efficiency and improve productivity across your business with Geobox fleet management.

Geobox fleet management solutions will always help you know where your vehicles are.

Improve the efficiency of your fleet and your mobile workforce with Geobox fleet management solutions.

Geobox fleet management solutions allow you to optimise your processes, instantly update orders and send jobs directly to your mobile workforce, while viewing information on working hours and driving time in real time.

Geobox fleet management solutions pay for themselves, with a typically have earned their investment back within 6-9 months.

Find out more about Geobox fleet management solutions below or contact us today.

Webfleet Trailer Tracking

Webfleet Trailer Tracking Now you can track your trailers, mobile equipment, toolboxes and even people in Webfleet. Simply attach a Geobox 4G tracking device to your asset and wel…

4G Video Telematics

3G/4G Video Telematics The next generation of all-in-one, HD vehicle CCTV and tracking solutions. Geobox 3G & 4G Video Telematics Solutions will help: Improve and manage driver behaviour. Improve fuel…

Continuous Trailer Tracking

Continuous Trailer Tracking Battery powered live trailer tracking solutions for any type of truck or trailer. Greater operational efficiency from live visibility of asset locations Improved…

Time Management

“WORKsmart” – Time
Webfleet makes every second pay:
Hassle free for your workforce
Safety behind the wheel
Transparency for all

Job Dispatch

“WORKsmart” – Job
Smart dispatching by Webfleet:
Loved by your drivers
Flexibility for your business
Appreciated by your customers

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Solutions:
Live Vehicle Tracking
Service Maintenance Management

Professional GPS Navigation

Award Winning Navigation:
Best Maps
Live Traffic Updates
IQ Routes
Award Winning Navigation

Improved Driver Behaviour

Notified Driving Events:
Harsh steering, sudden braking and over revving
Actual fuel consumption and fuel efficiency
Wasted fuel due to idling

Driver Safety

“WORKsmart™” – Safety:
Keep your drivers safe when they’re out of sight.
Direct support to drivers in their vehicles
Promote safety across the entire fleet

Management Reporting

“WORKsmart” – Insight
Management reporting to help you make the right business decisions:
Just the way you want it
Simply when you want it
And only what matters to you

Partner Solutions

The Very Best One-stop Solutions

The benefits of Geobox’s fleet management software as a service (SaaS) solution

  • No time-wasting fleet management software installation
    With Geobox fleet management software, long installations are a thing of the past. You’ll be up and running within a day.
  • Manage your fleet at the office, at home or anywhere else
    Wherever your computer has an Internet connection, you can use your Geobox fleet management software.
  • No need to buy expensive hardware
    When your fleet management software is delivered as a SaaS solution, all you need is your Internet browser. So you’ll make huge savings on hardware.
  • A more secure way to keep your data Your fleet management software and data is stored safely by Geobox’s servers. Each of your users gets their own personal ID and password, so access is secure too.
  • Use your fleet management software on all types of computer Whether your preferred operating system is Windows, Mac OS or Linux, Geobox just works. It runs on all modern browsers that support Flash, including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  • Your fleet management software updates automatically We’re continuously improving our fleet management software. And because Geobox is provided as a SaaS solution, you get every great new feature as soon as it’s released.
  • It works with all of your existing applications
    Our fleet management software connects with your existing software and applications. So you benefit from having a single comprehensive, fully-connected fleet and workforce management solution.