Video Telematics

The next generation of all-in-one, smart in-vehicle HD video and GPS tracking solutions.

  • Improve and manage driver behaviour

  • Improve fuel consumption and lower vehicle wear and tear

  • Live alerts for speeding and harsh braking/acceleration, driver fatigue, driver distraction, tailgating, lane drift, stop sign violation and more…
  • Live video streaming and historical on demand playback

  • First Notice of Loss (FNOL) with video evidence for insurance claims

  • First Notice of Risk (FNOR) with video evidence and rollup statistics for driver coaching

  • Driver Privacy, Feedback and Coaching

Wider range of products by Geobox
  • Lockable, Tamperproof and Rugged HD IR video cameras

  • Very Long Loop Record Times

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Integrated GPS tracking and Live Video over 4G

  • Always capture the Evidence. Online Self Checks pick up early warning of SD card or device issues.

  • Combine with Driver Fatigue Monitoring and ADAS for added assurance.

  • National implementation with local support and training

smart in-vehicle HD video
GPS tracking solutions.

A Geobox Video Telematics system can help your business by increasing productivity, lowering operational costs, increasing fuel efficiency, improving vehicle health, strengthening compliance, and improving customer service, and much more.

The data that can be collected through telematics is incredibly valuable for identifying trends and making improvements, and when scaled up to a whole fleet the benefits are enormous.

Our IoT platforms work seamlessly with the widest range of connected camera solutions to suit your every Video Telematics need.

AI based smart dashcams

Whatever the size, make-up, and use of your fleet, we have a Smart AI Dashcam to suit. Our devices help to quickly prove liability, protect against exaggerated or false insurance claims, and combat cash-for-crash scams, as well as report on driver performance.

mobile digital video recorders

Our mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs) are ideal for larger commercial vehicles or where multiple add-on cameras are required. These specially designed ruggedized MDVRs-which can support up to 24 channels-sit at the heart of your system that records and manages crucial video evidence.

mobile digital video recorders

We have an extensive range of add-ons for our Smart AI Dashcams and Mobile DVRs that can be combined to provide complete internal and external visibility of the vehicle for you and your driver. With front, driver, cargo, side, and rear facing devices you can ensure you are covered from all angles.