Driver Fatigue Monitoring

  • An invisible (IR) camera system that records, monitors and responds to drivers eyes.

  • Detect when the eyes are closed (micro-sleeps)
  • Detects periods of Inattention (not looking at the road)

  • Audible, LED and Seat Vibration Alerts

Tracking the Future

Geobox specialise 4G and 5G GPS Tracking and Dash Cam systems for Fleets.
Our systems are always Easy to Use, Reliable and Good Value.
They are also backed up with Personal Service, Training and Local Support.
If you operate a business fleet, then you are are probably looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and safety.
We offer a custom mix of world class solutions, so please give us a call for a free consultation and trial.

What we do

We can help reduce your business operating costs and risks. Our technology will help you Save Fuel, Reduce Idling, Increase Operational Efficiency, Increase Safety and Compliance, Reduce Tax and help you sleep at night!

Dual Dash Cam

We offer a wide range of multi-award winning GPS Tracking (Telematics), Mobile Video, Apps and Services to suit all business fleets.

Dash Cam Video

We can deliver a tailored solution for your business that is:

  • Quick to Deploy
  • Easy to Use
  • High Quality
  • Low Maintenance
  • Scalable
  • Integrates with your Systems
  • Backed by a Good Warranty, Training and Support

We offer free trials and training of our solutions, enabling you to try before you buy.

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Our solutions are proven by successful businesses across Australia. Including: logistics, field service, government, people transport, mining, oil and gas.

Through our online store we now also offer items for direct purchase.

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