TomTom provides tools to promote safe and efficient driving with real-time driver behaviour feedback.

Additionally, run reports from the office on a driver or the entire fleet.

Active Driver Feedback

Empower your drivers to adopt a better driving style and encourage self-management. Active Driver Feedback promotes safety by presenting live feedback on the driver’s behaviour on the TomTom PRO device. Real-time alerts appear on the screen to indicate driving events and fuel-related concerns. These remind the driver to adopt a safer and more fuel-efficient driving style.

Notified Driving Events
  • Speeding
  • Harsh steering, sudden braking and over revving
  • Actual fuel consumption and fuel efficiency
  • Wasted fuel due to idling

Driving Costs Down

Fuel consumption and maintenance bills make up nearly 30% of the total cost of owning a vehicle. Both factors are affected by driving style. A stable, fluid driving style is more fuel-efficient than speeding or stop-start driving in heavy traffic, for example. And aggressive driving results in greater wear and tear on a vehicle. Independent tests have demonstrated that changing driving style can reduce fuel consumption by up to 8% Studies carried out by TomTom have shown that, for trips of less than 16 miles, these savings can be as much as 17%. Multiply these savings by the number of drivers you have on the road, and it’s easy to see how Active Driver Feedback could drive your costs down.

Navigation Helps Drivers Relax

WORKsmart™-Safety helps drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. Innovative TomTom PRO navigation devices feature advanced lane guidance to help with navigating tricky junctions, text-to-speech software for spoken job instructions and messages, and voice recognition for inputting addresses. So your drivers will have fewer distractions, and lower stress levels too.*

Analyze Performance

Back in the office, it’s easy to see how each driver is performing on safety and eco friendliness. Events are shown using green, yellow and red icons, depending on the severity, and an overallOptiDrive value is calculated. You can interpret the data in seconds and decide if intervention is required. Adjust the settings to reflect your particular concerns, such as fuel consumption, by assigning a greater weight to this element.

Available with WORKsmart™

TomTom’s WORKsmart™ fleet management solutions make it easy to manage every aspect of your mobile business. Active Driver Feedback is available on all PRO navigation devices and WEBFLEET OptiDrive™ is available in all TomTom WORKsmart solutions.