Live Trailer Tracking

Ultra Long Life Battery or EBS Powered Live Trailer Tracking Solutions for any type of Dolly or Trailer.

Geobox Trailer Tracking 3G/4G, G-Shock Sensor, GPS Tracking

  • Greater operational efficiency from live visibility of asset locations

  • Improved utilisation from better allocation decisions

  • Better oversight of contractors’ compliance to directives

  • Monitor Speeding and Stop Time Compliance
  • Reduced maintenance costs from km based servicing instead of time based schedule

Orca 4G Battery Trailer Tracker

Geobox Web Tracking

  • Easy to use, fast web tracking service

  • Live Tracking & Trip History Replay

  • Geofences and Alerts

  • Time on Site Reports & Maintenance Reminders

  • Flexible Reporting Options

  • Data Export Capability