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GPS Navigation

Our distinctive navigational technology has been demonstrated to reduce journey times by an average of 18% while also increasing reliability. Each of your drivers can go quickly, safely, and with a precise arrival time from one customer to the next. Professional navigation is a crucial first step towards effective fleet management since it enables your team to spend more time with customers and less time on the road. Read on to learn more about our distinctive solutions.

Best Maps

We make sure your fleet has the best, most precise maps in three different ways. First off, any device you use will come with a current map thanks to our latest map guarantee. Second, in order to stay up with the evolving roadways, we release new versions every three months. Finally, you can get new updates every day using Map Share. The most accurate maps will reduce the amount of time your drivers spend driving and increase the productivity of your entire fleet.

IQ Routes

The majority of navigation businesses are aware of the various highway speed limitations, however, Geobox is much more knowledgeable. To provide your drivers with the quickest routes and most precise ETAs, IQ Routes employs the largest database of actual travel times in the globe. It accounts for roundabouts, traffic signals, and even crowds during various times of the day when shopping. In order to avoid being late and meet your customers, your drivers can be confident they are taking the best route.

Award Winning Navigation

We were the first business to introduce a personal navigation gadget in 2004. And we’re still coming up with new ideas today. Numerous accolades are proof of our dedication to making travel simpler, faster, and more predictable for both fleet management and the general public.

Geobox’s Fleet Management

The navigational tools we employ for fleet management offer many more features than a typical GPS. With Geobox, you can keep track of where they are at all times and manage work dispatch and driver time more effectively.