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GPS Navigation

As well as improving reliability, our unique navigation technologies have been shown to cut journey times by an average of 18%. Each of your drivers can get from one customer to the next quickly and safely, and know exactly when they’ll arrive. Helping your workforce save time on the road and spend time with customers, professional navigation is an important first step towards efficient fleet management. Find out more about our unique solutions below.

Best Maps

There are three ways that we ensure your fleet has the best, most accurate maps. Firstly, our latest map guarantee means that you’ll start with an up-to-date map on every device. Secondly, we release new versions each quarter to keep up with the changing roads. And finally, you can use Map Share to download fresh updates every day. Having the best maps will save your drivers time on the road and help improve the efficiency of your entire fleet.

IQ Routes

Most navigation companies know the speed limits of different roads, but at TomTom we know a lot more. IQ Routes uses the world’s largest database of real travel times to give your drivers the fastest routes and most accurate ETAs. It takes into account roundabouts, traffic lights, and even shopping crowds at different times of day. So your drivers can be confident they’re on the best route and won’t be late to meet your customers.

Award Winning Navigation

In 2004 we were the first company to launch a personal navigation device. And we’re still innovating to this day. Countless awards are a testament to our continuing commitment to making journeys easier, faster and more predictable – in both fleet management and the consumer market.

WORKsmart Fleet Management

The PRO navigation devices we use for fleet management have functionalities which go well beyond those of a normal GPS. With WORKsmart they are always connected to the office and you can track where they are to better manage job dispatch and driver time.