Webfleet Trailer Tracking

Now you can track your trailers, mobile equipment, toolboxes and even people in TomTom Webfleet.

Simply attach a Geobox 4G tracking device to your asset and we can show its movements in your existing Webfleet system as a dynamic address.

  • One-off Setup Fee $500 per Webfleet account

  • Geobox 4G Battery Tracking Devices available from $200

  • Rental options also available

  • Monthly costs include SIM and Service Fees and exclude GST

Geobox enables Webfleet Trailer Tracking

Assets can be grouped and colour coded to aid selection and hide/show as a selectable layer.

Staff movements can also be tracked using either using the Geobox rechargeable micro tracker or by activating the free Geobox Tracker app on their Android mobile.

Package Options

Geobox Tracking Devices

Geobox offers a range of 4G enabled live tracking devices suitable for any asset, both powered and unpowered, such as; trailers, generators, lighting rigs, right down to individual cargo items, or even people. This offers greater operational efficiency and visibility…

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Geobox Web Tracking App

The Geobox Web Tracking service is a fast, easy to use, web-based platform and smartphone app that connects to your tracking devices and empowers you to monitor your assets with a range of features…

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