Autonomise Video Telematics

Autonomise Video Telematics

  • Web based Vehicle Tracking with Video
  • Easy to use, super reliable, limited features
  • Access live video from your fleet
  • The best platform if you need connected dashcams and basic tracking
  • Multi-Award winning solution from UK, proven in Australian conditions


Transform your Fleet Operations with VisionTrack’s video telematics platform – designed for the future of connected vehicle technology

The VisionTrack cloud platform captures, processes and stores high-definition video footage enhanced with GPS tracking data. The data received is displayed in a series of user-friendly dashboards, alerts and reports. Audible alerts can be sent to the devices notifying drivers that their actions are being recorded, which has a positive effect on their behaviour on the road.

Key Features
See what Happened
Super Reliable Devices
Key Features

  • Easy to use, fast web based vehicle tracking service with integrated multi-channel video
  • True Live Tracking
  • Trip History Replay with Snapshots and HD Video
  • Driver Scoring
  • Alerts
  • IOS and Android Mobile App

See what Happened

Having instant automatic access to snapshots and Video from your fleet enables you to to keep an eye on Events on the road and to remotely recover critical HD video evidence.

Super Reliable Devices

The Visiontrack range of cameras are the most reliable we have ever used, with 100% uptime to date.

The cameras are continuously connected via 3G/4G to the Cloud platform, so you can see that they are all working every day from your office or mobile. Which means that in the event that there is a major incident, you can have confidence that the system will be operational when you most need it


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