DFM-LV Driver Fatigue Monitor

DFM-LV Driver Fatigue Monitor

$439.00 inc GST


Stay awake and focused on the road with this simple device:

  • IR Camera Monitors Drivers Eyes
  • Detects periods of Inattention (not looking at the road)
  • Detects Closed Eyes (micro-sleeps)
  • Works Through Most Sunglasses
  • Audible and LED Alerts
  • Adjustable Volume and Sensitivity
  • Mutable Alerts
  • Self Install in Minutes
  • Updates via SD Card
  • 12v Power Adaptor Included



In 2017, 161 Western Australians died on our roads. 26 of those people were in car crashes caused by driver inattention, 27 were fatigue related. This technology can help ensure you are focused and awake on the road.

The DFM-LV is a non-recording invisible infrared (IR) camera system that monitors the drivers eyes to detect when the eyes are closed, or not looking at the road ahead, providing LED visual indicator and loudspeaker audio warnings of drowsiness or inattention when driving.

In normal operation the device will beep when the power is first applied and will attempt to calibrate the drivers eye position. After 10 seconds the device will beep again and the green LED will flash, indicating that the calibration was successful. Thereafter the device LED will change to blue then red when the drivers eyes are looking away or are closed. An alarm will sound if the inattention continues for several seconds. The device is able to see through normal spectacles or sunglasses and operates equally well in the daytime or nighttime. It comes with an angled bracket for mounting on the steering wheel, this can be adjusted easily to suit the driver. Power comes from a 12/24v harness supplied with the kit.

  • For use with cars and small vehicles
  • Intelligent image monitoring algorithm and intuitively smart recognition system
  • Detection and warning of drowsiness, negligence in looking forward, and face departure while driving
  • Cognitive operational scenario for early warning by both the indication LEDs and the speaker sounds
  • Infrared LEDs available at night and in tunnels
  • Removal of irregular reflection by sunlight using special filters
  • Detection/distinction of glasses and sunglasses (excl. mirror-coated glasses and goggles)
  • Adjustment of 3-step sensitivity
  • Mute and 3-step volume control
  • Mute mode for the state of ‘Negligence in looking ahead’ using the motion recognition function
  • Enhancements and new features available thru download firmware upgrade by a micro USB connector
  • Exclusive cradle for easy installation and adjustments
  • Support of various USB accessories (LED warning lights and vibrators, etc.)
  • Interoperability with external devices, such as navigators and car DVRs, etc.(Option)
  • Connected with an external GSP (Option)
  • Micro BGA packaged ARM9 SoC
  • ¼-inch board lens
  • CMOS image processor
  • Flash memory (8MB)
  • Interface with an external I/O and USB (UVC)
  • High-power invisible infrared LED
  • Operation status LED (in green/blue/red)
  • Micro speaker (min. 90dB)
  • Voice IC for various warning, effective sounds, and pre-recorded announcements
  • Protection circuitry for over-voltage/current, inverse voltage, and minimizing ripple noises
  • Power consumption max. 2.5W
  • Input voltage DC 12/24V
  • KC/FCC/CE approved and RoHS compliance
  • Operating temperature : -20˚ ~ 70˚ C
  • Physical dimensions : 92 X 24 X 46mm
  • Net weight : 80g (inclusive of the cradle)
  • 1 x Geobox IR DFM-LV Main Body
  • 1 x Cradle
  • 2 x Double-sided adhesive tapes
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1x Speed Sensor (GPS Antenna)
  • Geobox Telematics
  • DVR

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