DFM-HV PRO Driver Fatigue Monitor

DFM-HV PRO Driver Fatigue Monitor

$599.00 inc GST


Our premium tamperproof Driver Fatigue Monitor for all Commercial Fleets

  • IR Camera Monitors Drivers Eyes
  • Dashcam function loop records Driver Video to internal SD Card
  • Detects periods of Inattention (not looking at the road)
  • Detects Closed Eyes (micro-sleeps)
  • Detects Yawning
  • Detects Smoking
  • Detects Mobile Phone Use
  • Works through most sunglasses
  • Audible, LED and Seat Vibration Alerts
  • Adjustable volume and sensitivity
  • Mutable Alerts
  • Self install in minutes
  • Updates via USB or WiFi
  • Video Out to MDVR and/or In Vehicle Screen
  • Integrated GPS
  • Highly configurable Alarms, Sensitivities
  • RS232 and Ethernet Video Telematics integration options

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    An invisible (IR) camera system that records, monitors and responds to drivers eyes.

    The DFM-HV Pro represents the very latest in Korean driver fatigue monitoring technology, a place where this technology is already widely deployed commercially. It is an invisible IR camera recording system that monitors the drivers eyes to detect when the eyes are closed, or not looking at the road ahead, providing LED indicator and loudspeaker audio warnings of drowsiness or inattention when driving plus the option to trigger a seat vibration module when more discreet alerts are required.

    The device is able to see through normal spectacles or sunglasses and operates equally well in the daytime or nighttime. It comes with a lockable bracket for mounting to the windscreen or dashboard which can be adjusted to suit the driver. Power comes from a fused 12/24v harness supplied with the kit.

    The DFM-HV Pro is our most advanced and configurable Fatigue Monitor for commercial vehicles, functionally similar to the standard DFM-HV but with a number of premium features, including:

    • Fully configurable via USB
    • Video loop recording to internal SD Card
    • Increased Tamper Resistance
    • Driver Face Recognition

    The Video Recording capability enables your HSE Office to find out the real alertness state of drivers on the road through periodic review on-road of driver fatigue event videos. This can lead to proactive interventions to support Drivers and more effective mitigation of risk of serious Fatigue related Events

    Optionally the Video Output (PAL or IP Cam) can be connected to a Geobox 4G MDVR, enabling remote monitoring and follow up of Driver Fatigue Alarm Events.

    * Low Profile design, does not impede the drivers vision
    * Invisible IR camera system, works in all light conditions
    * Robust Tamper resistant device, secure screw lockable mounting, no unpluggable cables
    * Integrated Dashcam looped recording capability to SD card enabling video review of Driver Fatigue Events
    * Integrated GPS for speed sensing and suppression of low speed Events
    * Driver Face Recognition
    * Various Video Output options
    * Various Data Interface Options

    The device is highly configurable through a secure USB software interface, enabling calibration, firmware updates and flexible alarm condition and sensitivity settings to be applied using a PC for each of the following conditions:

    • Inattention
    • Drowsiness
    • Yawning
    • Phone Use
    • Smoking

    The device also continuously records looped video to an internal SD Card with the following configurable ratios
    * 60% Fatigue Event {Last 500 Events)
    * 20% GForce Events (Last 150 Events)
    * 20% Normal Driving (Last 5 Hours Driving)
    A 64GB High Endurance SD Card is normally supplied with the device, holding up to 28 hours of video. The SD Card is secured  in the camera with a tamperproof security screw.

    It also has an option to be trained to perform facial recognition for up to 5 drivers.

    All configuration settings are saved to a file that can be uploaded to other devices in the fleet via the USB interface.


    • RCA Video Out (NTSC or PAL) – this can be connected to the in vehicle screen to aid setup or be used as in video input to an external MDVR
    • RS232 to provide detailed alarm data to an external telematics device
    • Ethernet IP Cam output that can be used as a video input to an external MNVR
    • Micro USB to connect to a Windows PC for Calibration/Setup
    • Seat Vibration Trigger Output

    Basic Kit

    • Geobox IR DFM-HV PRO with integrated adjustable stand and 3M Cable
    • 3M Sticky Pad and screws
    • Power Supply Junction Box
    • Power Leads
    • Installation/User Guide

    Full System Options

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