Elite Dual Dashcam Kit

Elite Dual Dashcam Kit

$453.64$571.82 inc GST

  • Dual Lens Camera
  • Forward Facing + Rear Facing
  • Tamper Proof and Lockable
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080/1080p
  • SD Storage Capacity 32GB – 128GB
  • Normal / Event / Emergency Recording
  • Built in Microphone / Audio Recording
  • GPS
  • Video TV/Out
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Secondary Camera Input
  • Blackbox Technology
  • G Sensor
  • Speed Limit Alarm


Key Features

The Elite Dashcam is ideal for passenger transport vehicles such as Uber or Courtesy buses, where having a forward view of the road and a view inside the vehicle is important.

The Elite Dashcam records loop video that can be used as evidence in the case of a patron being disorderly in the vehicle, will mitigate vexatious claims for people falling over getting on and off the bus and can support investigations into on-road driving incidents.

Furthermore the camera is lockable and tamperproof, so the driver cannot interfere with the camera settings or access the video record without a key. This means that the camera is going to be operational when you need it, you can make sure your drivers are complying with procedures and you control whether the video gets uploaded to the internet.

Nb: The Elite supersedes the older Ruby model. The new Elite offers 2 Channels of full 1080p video compared to 720p for the Ruby. The new desktop software supports both models.


Continuous recording Starts recording from the moment the engine/accessories starts

Event recording When a sudden impact occurs the camera records up to 15 seconds before and after the shock range is saved automatically as an events recording. You can also use the emergency recording button to save events videos

Sound Recording Sound recording is supported along with video records in your car. To protect your privacy you can turn the sound recording function off.
Screen Shots If you press the photo-taking button, you can save a screen shots of the incidents time you want.
GPS Sensor The runtime/speed/route is recording through the internal GPS (Options). The saved information can be checked using the desktop video player software.
G-Sensor The internal G-sensor records sudden acceleration/sudden brakes/ sudden curves. The saved information can be checked using the desktop video player software.
G-Sensor link graph You can use the Internet Shock sensor to link the desktop video player software. and video in order to check the shock level of the car
TV-Out The internal G-sensor records sudden acceleration/ sudden curves. The saved information can be checked using the desktop video player software.
Desktop Video Player You can use the PC player software to see videos saved on the SD card on your computer.
Google Maps link The internal GPS information can be used to record driving speed and location. You can use the specific player to link to the PC and the video to check the route of the driver.
ECO Drive Report The GPS and G sensor can be used to analyse bad drive habits, such as sudden braking, sudden starts and sudden curves. It provides a behaviour report for the drive to help improve driving habits.

What’s in the box?

  • Ruby Dashcam
  • 12/24v Hardwire connections
  • Infrared Module (to illuminate inside the vehicle at night)
  • Cradle & double sided tape
  • Wire clip x 4
  • Key
  • User manual
  • 64GB SD Card (Full size not microSD)
  • Desktop Software (download link)

Additional information

Select Memory

No SD Card Included ($499), 32GB SD Card Included ($579), 64GB SD Card Included ($629)


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