Gazer F121 / F121g Dashcam

Gazer F121 / F121g Dashcam

  • Speedcam proximity alert function: POI, radars, dangerous road sections (optional GPS module is required)
  • Full HD (HDR 1920×1080) video recording
  • Six-layer glass lens
  • Large F2.0 aperture
  • Ambarella А7 processor
  • WDR function
  • 160° viewing angle with DEWARP distortion compensation
  • Intelligent LDWS and FCWS systems
  • G-sensor with additional sensitivity settings
  • Motion sensor triggered recording mode
  • Driver alert and headlight reminder functions
  • Compact body with a built-in 1.5″ display
  • 2 compact mounts in the package (suction cup and 3М adhesive pad)
  • Up to 128 GB micro SDXC memory cards support
  • 2 Year Warranty


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Ultra Compact Full HD Dashcam

Gazer F121 DVR is one of the most compact and functional Full HD car DVRs on the market. In spite of its ultra-compact size, the model is literally packed with advanced high-tech features, including DEWARP, WDR, and “Anti-sleep” functions as well as Speedcam/POI proximity alerts. Gazer F121 optical system is also high-end boasting a 6-layer glass lens with 160° viewing angle and a large F2.0 aperture.

Full HD recording with HDR function

F121 car DVR records Full HD (HDR 1920×1080) videos. Top-notch optical system with a 6-layer lens and a large F2.0 aperture produces a crisp and highly detailed image at any time of the day. Thanks to a wide viewing angle of 160°, the resulting videos contain a maximum amount of information. At the same time, DEWARP distortion compensation function completely equalizes the image horizontally preventing the “fish eye” effect from appearing in recorded videos.

Gazer F121 also stands out due to its ultra-sensitive sensor with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) functions. These technologies equalize the exposure across the frame and allow avoiding “blind spots” in resulting videos in case of sharp changes in lighting conditions (when exiting from a tunnel, driving against the light, etc.). Objects that were over or underexposed during filming will always appear crisp and informative in the recording.

Ambarella А7 processor and micro SDXC 128 GB memory cards support

The heart of Gazer F121 DVR is a high-speed Ambarella А7 processor. Thanks to its superior performance characteristics, the DVR delivers maximum data processing speeds and has a wide range of useful functions, including intelligent technologies. Gazer F121 distinct advantage is support of up to 128Gb memory cards, which allows storing a large amount of video content.

Emergency G-sensor file protection

All files recorded during hard braking, turning or collision will be automatically protected from loop overwriting due to the G-sensor built into Gazer F121. In this case, one does not need to constantly monitor the number of protected files stored on the memory card – it will never run out of space. In Gazer F121, all “accident” videos take up no more than 30% of the total SD card capacity and re also subject to loop overwriting. This way the DVR stays operational all the time, and an important event will always be captured, irrespective of the number of already recorded “emergency” video files.

Motion Sensor triggered recording

Gazer F121 has a motion sensor function for surveillance video recording in a parked car. Thanks to this function, the DVR switches to the recording mode only when motion is detected near the car. This is useful for effective monitoring of the situation around the parked car. When this mode is enabled, the memory card space is used with maximum efficiency. Driver alert and headlight reminder functions

Should you suffer from fatigue during a long road trip, feel free to use the driver alert function. Once this function is activated, the DVR will regularly emit a special sound signal that will prevent the driver from dozing off due to fatigue. You can select the required frequency of alert signals in the settings menu. In addition, the DVR automatically determines the need to turn on the headlights based on the readings from the built-in light sensor and promptly reminds the driver with a special signal to turn the headlights on.

(optional) GPS module support and Speedcam/POI proximity alert function

Gazer F121 compact car DVR supports an optional GPS module and has Speedcam voice prompt function. When proximity alert mode is enabled, the DVR screen will constantly show the current speed and the speed limit on a specific section of the road. When the distance to the object is 500 meters or less, the information about its type and the distance left will be shown on the video with the same information delivered by means of voice prompts.

The database contains information about the location of speed cameras, stationary and portable radar guns, speed bumps, pedestrian crossings, traffic police checkpoints, dangerous road sections and other important places and events. You can also upload an alternative (your own) database of important points and events on the route.

Unattended Operation

Gazer F121 DVR operates in unattended mode: the device turns on automatically when the engine starts and stops recording when no power is supplied (the engine turns off). The DVR records continuously thanks to the loop recording function: when the memory card runs out of space, the DVR records the current clip instead of the previously recorded video file. A built-in rechargeable battery enables the DVR to save the last video files properly and stop recording.

Innovative mounting bracket plus 2 extra mounts

One of Gazer F121 DVR key features is its compact mounting system with an innovative rotation mechanism. The mounting bracket design allows for fast and easy adjustment of the DVR position. This way you can change the shooting direction in mere seconds and quickly mount/demount the device. The compact size of the mounting system has little or no impact on the DVR dimensions, which is why Gazer F121 can be installed on the windshield as discreetly as possible. Gazer F121 DVR comes with two types of mounts: suction cup and 3М adhesive pad. This enables the car owner to choose the most convenient installation option.

Compact size and discreet installation

Gazer F121 DVR is one of the most compact Full HD DVRs on the market. It has a miniature body that measures only 69х43х24 mm. However, in spite of its small size, the DVR has a 1.5″ display with automatic timeout function and ergonomically positioned ports and controls.

A miniature body coupled with an ultra-compact mount allow installing the device as discreetly as possible. The installed DVR neither blocks the driver’s vision nor draws unwanted attention. This enables the driver to leave the DVR in the car and have no fear for the safety of his/her property.

What’s included in the package?

Gazer F121 comes with everything one needs to connect the device and start using it. Standard supply package includes:

  • 2 x  interchangeable mounts to choose from: suction cup and 3М adhesive pad
  • 1 x Gazer 16Gb micro SDHC (Class 10) + Adapter
  • 1 x 12-24V car charger;
  • 1 x USB cable for connecting the DVR to a PC
  • 1 x set of extra 3M adhesive tape pads
  • 1 x detailed user manual.

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