Dashcam Gazer F225 / F225g

Dashcam Gazer F225 / F225g

$449.00$499.00 inc GST

  • Two Channel Full HD 1080p Video Quality
  • Excellent Day/Night performance
  • GPS (F225g Only), G-Force Sensor and Motion Sensor
  • Secure Event Video recording (not overwritten)
  • Automatic Video Loop Recording
  • Support for 2x 128GB High capacity SD Cards, up to 100 Hours Loop HD Video
  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
  • Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)
  • Parking Mode (motion detection wake up)
  • Speedcam and POI proximity warning
  • 2 Year Warranty


Premium Feature Rich Dashcam

This is our best dashcam for cars, with excellent HD video recording capabilities on two channels plus superior driving and safety aids.

Key Features

  • 2-channel Full HD recording (each channel separately)
  • Multipurpose ultra-compact video cameras with 160° viewing angle
  • G-sensor with adjustable sensitivity
  • Multifunctional remote control button (emergency recording, microphone deactivation, status indicator, DVR shutdown)
  • Parking mode (automatic motion sensor activated recording in a parked car)
  • LDWS+FCWS, DEWARP intelligent functions
  • Driver alert and headlight reminder functions
  • Optional GPS module Gazer ACG225 support and Speedcam proximity warning function
  • Up to 128 GB micro SDXC memory cards support

Operating principle

Gazer F225 2-channel DVR is yet another innovative device from Gazer that combines the functions of a car DVR and a driving safety system. This is an indispensable device for security and video recording applications that meets the highest requirements for functionality and ease of installation in a car.

The model consists of a central processing unit with a built-in 2.7’’ display and 2 remote-mounted ultra-compact Full HD video cameras. The second video camera allows you to capture what happens inside or behind the car. Video feed from each camera is recorded as a separate channel, while the support of various display modes enables viewing either each channel separately or combined video feed from two cameras simultaneously.

The DVR operates in unattended mode: it automatically switches to the recording mode when the engine starts, while the loop overwriting function ensures continuous and uninterrupted recording. Once the engine is turned off, the DVR stops operating and resumes recording only when the motion sensor is tripped.

Miniature Full HD video cameras

Gazer F225 DVR comes with two miniature video cameras mounted with a strong 3M adhesive tape on the car’s windshield and rear window or elsewhere inside the car. The special design of these cameras allows you to mount them at various angles to ensure an optimal viewing angle for recording. Each camera can also be mounted upside down. In this case, one needs to enable the flip image function in the selected camera. A wide-angle lens (160°) with DEWARP distortion compensation function makes sure that the camera accurately captures traffic conditions at intersections and multi-lane highways.

Premium optics with 1/2.7’’ sensor and a large aperture of F2.0 enable the DVR to record high-quality Full HD video not only in broad daylight but also in low-light situations. Additionally, objects that were over or underexposed during filming will always appear crisp and informative in the recording. This is possible thanks to WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology that is now widely used in professional video surveillance systems and helps equalise the exposure in the frame.


Ambarella A7 portable processing unit

A video signal from cameras goes to a special processing unit that allows recording video feed from each camera in a separate channel. Video files from the front-view and rear-view cameras are stored in separate folders making it easy to navigate and search for a specific video clip. High-performance Ambarella A7 processor delivers maximum data processing speeds and provides the DVR with a wide range of useful functions, including intelligent technologies. The Gazer F225’s distinct advantage is its support of up to 128 GB micro SDXC memory cards, which allows the storage of a large amount of video files.

The Gazer F225’s processing unit has a compact body with a built-in 2.7’’ display. The unit’s relatively small size and practical design allow mounting the DVR on 3M adhesive tape in any place convenient for the driver. As a result, the device neither limits the visibility nor draws unwanted attention. The support of various display modes enables viewing either each channel separately or combined video feed from two cameras simultaneously.

One press of a button – and the unit will switch to the Speedcam proximity warning mode (when using the included GPS module) bringing up on the display all information about the current speed of your vehicle, speed limit, distance to objects, etc. with simultaneous voice prompts.

Emergency G-sensor file protection

Dual camera Gazer F225 DVR features a three-axis accelerometer (G-sensor) that traces any changes in the car’s driving pattern: sudden acceleration, braking or impacts. Video clips recorded when the G-sensor is tripped are automatically protected from deletion as a result of loop overwriting. Therefore, the driver can be sure that all the most important video files will be safely stored on the memory card.

One can also protect the required video clip manually using a miniature remote control button included in the supply package. The button is mounted in a convenient place with 3M adhesive tape allowing the user to turn the device on/off, disable sound recording, and determine the DVR status by looking at the LED indicator on the button enclosure.

A special emergency file recording system frees the user from the need to manually delete unwanted video clips and constantly monitor the remaining space on the memory card as it is filled with protected recordings. 30% of the total memory card space is used for storing files recorded when the G-sensor is tripped or when a corresponding button is pressed. Loop overwriting occurs within this allocated space as well.

LDWS+FCWS intelligent technologies

Dual camera Gazer F225 DVR boasts advanced functionality that will help the driver on long trips and make the driving experience a lot safer. The device utilizes intelligent LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) systems. Installed mostly in premium cars, LDWS system is designed to alert the driver about the departure from a chosen lane. FCWS will promptly warn you about the violation of a safe distance between your car and another vehicle thus helping avoid a possible accident or collision. Both functions can be configured to meet the size of your car and conditions of the forthcoming road trip.

Driver alert and headlight reminder functions

Should you suffer from fatigue during a long road trip, feel free to use the driver alert function. Once this function is activated, the DVR will intermittently emit a special sound signal that will prevent the driver from dozing off due to fatigue. You can select the required frequency of alert signals in the settings menu. Thanks to a built-in light sensor, the DVR automatically determines the need to turn on the headlights and will alert you with a special signal.

Parking mode

When this mode is activated, the 2-channel Gazer F225 DVR can be used for surveillance recording in a parked car. Once the engine is turned off, the DVR stops recording and resumes it only if it detects motion in the frame. When the power is back on, the DVR will automatically switch to the standard recording mode.

Optional GPS module support and Speedcam proximity warning function

2-channel Gazer F225 DVR supports the connection of an optional GPS module and Speedcam voice prompts function. When switched to the proximity warning mode (you only need to press one button to enable it), the DVR screen will constantly display the current speed of your vehicle and the speed limit on a specific section of the road. With 500 meters left to an object on the route, the type of the object and the remaining distance will be watermarked on the display with a simultaneous voice prompt.

The object database includes locations of speed cameras, stationary and portable radars, speed bumps, pedestrian crossings, stationary police posts, hazardous road sections, as well as other important points and events. You can also upload an alternative (your own) database of important points and events on the route (e.g., location of speed cameras or speed bumps).

What’s included in the package?

Gazer F225 comes with everything one needs to connect the device and start using it. Standard supply package includes:

  • front-view video camera (3 m cable) and a
  • rear-view video camera (6 m cable);
  • portable processing unit with a mount;
  • remote control button;
  • 12-24V car charger;
  • USB cable for connecting the DVR to a PC;
  • video/audio output for connection to various display devices;
  • set of mounting clamps for better cable management;
  • set of extra 3M adhesive tape pads;
  • Gazer 16GB micro SDHC (Class 10) + Adapter;
  • detailed user manual.

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