Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Gazer MUR7100

Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Gazer MUR7100

$449.00 inc GST

Integrated rear-view mirror and dash cam with a built-in 4.3″ monitor, Super HD DVR and intelligent monitoring technology.

Features Include:

  • High quality rear view mirror with built in 140° camera and monitor
  • Ultra-bright 4.3″ built-in monitor with automatic screen brightness adjustment 
  • Support for in video parking systems
  • GPS, G-Force Sensor and Motion Sensor
  • Secure Event Video recording (not overwritten)
  • Automatic Video Loop Recording
  • Support for 2x 128GB High capacity SD Cards, up to 100 Hours Loop HD Video
  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
  • Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)
  • Parking Mode (motion detection wake up)
  • Motion Sensor for surveillance video recording when parked.
  • Parked Recording while engine is turned off (auto low voltage auto shutdown)
  • 2 Year Warranty


Integrated rear-view mirror & Dash Cam with a built-in 4.3″ monitor.

Gazer MUR7100 is a unique device combining a rear-view mirror with dash cam and a built-in 4.3″ monitor as well as the latest generation DVR with Super HD recording and LDWS/FCWS function.

The DVR boasts a wide viewing angle of 140° and can record even after the engine is turned off. An ultra-bright 1000 cd/m² monitor with auto-dimming function makes the device perfectly convenient and easy to use at any time of the day. The model has a video output for a rear-view camera connection with display auto-on feature activated whenever video feed is available. The device is controlled with an IR remote control.

3-in-1 Solution

Gazer MUR7100 is a combination of a rear-view mirror with a built-in 4.3″ monitor and a Super HD DVR with LDWS/FCWS function. Such versatility enables the device to perform several tasks at once:

  • With superb mirror surface quality and body design, the Gazer MUR7100 is an excellent replacement for your stock rear-view mirror.
  • With an ultra-bright 4.3″ built-in monitor, the MUR7100 can be used as a display device in video parking systems. Automatic screen brightness adjustment means the image is crisp and vibrant even under bright sunlight.
  • The latest generation DVR with Super HD recording and the ability to record video feed after the engine is turned off allows for 24-hour video recording whether moving or parked.

Universal Mounting & Connection

The mirror’s mounting bracket has a universal flat platform for mounting special MB series detachable adapters designed to install the mirror in a specific car model.

The Gazer MUR7100 is designed for standard connection to the vehicle’s on-board power system with all cables concealed under the interior upholstery.

Built-in Super HD DVR

The Gazer MUR7100 sets new standards for in-car video recording quality with the advanced Ambarella A7 processor, Super HD recording resolution and 140° wide viewing angle.

Outstanding Image Quality

The Gazer MUR7100 is capable of recording Super HD (1296p) videos at 30 fps, or Full HD (1080p) at 45 fps. This allows capturing more details in the frame when the car is moving at a high speed so details like number plates are captured. The high-quality glass optics with a 140° wide-angle lens that allows capturing the entire road situation, including neighboring lanes and intersections.

HDR Mode

The MUR7100 has a special HDR (High Dynamic Range) recording mode (at 1080p) for recording at dusk/night and when driving against bright sunlight. In HDR  mode, the DVR records three frames with different exposure levels and merges them into a single image for optimal exposure across the entire image. This is an ideal solution for video recording at night (with headlights of oncoming traffic illuminating the road), and at twilight or when driving against the sun.

Intelligent Monitoring

The MUR7100 features two intelligent, configurable road monitoring systems for unprecidented safety on the road.

  • LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) produces an audio alarm when departing from the chosen lane.
  • FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) monitors the car ahead and promptly alerts you when it gets too close.

Plug & Play Installation

The Gazer MUR7100 DVR mirror is very easy to install and won’t require much effort. The standard scope of delivery includes a switching unit, mounting accessories, GPS antenna, and a complete user manual with a detailed description of the installation process. Gazer rear-view mirror is designed for cars with a 12 V on-board power system. Maximum current consumption is under 650mA. The DVR is controlled using an IR remote control that comes in the package

Intelligent Operation

“Intelligent” operation

Gazer MUR5100/MUR7100 DVR mirror operates in a way that is both simple and efficient. Video feed from the rear-view camera is always prioritized. When the reverse gear is engaged, the feed from the camera will be automatically displayed on the monitor. The recording, however, will not stop. Once the reverse gear is disengaged, the display will automatically switch to the initial state (showing video feed from the DVR if this mode was enabled or if the monitor turned off).

For maximum ease of use, the mirror’s front panel has a central control button with the last mode memory. When driving in reverse, one can use this button to set the brightness level of the built-in monitor. This button is used to turn the monitor on/off during DVR operation.

Other Features

  • GPS Module captures location, speed date and time watermarked over the video.
  • Unattended Mode automatically starts and stops recording when the engine starts and stops.
  • Loop Recording Mode allows for continuous recording as the memory card fills up.
  • Parked Recording. Continue recording after the engine is turned off. Low voltage detection shuts down automatically to prevent the car battery being drained.
  • Important Clip Protection. A  three-axis G-sensor monitors for sharp changes in trajectory and protects the current video file from being overwritten.
  • Motion Sensor for surveillance video recording when parked.

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