GB245 4G Dual Dashcam with ADAS and Driver Fatigue Monitoring

GB245 4G Dual Dashcam with ADAS and Driver Fatigue Monitoring

$880.00$995.00 inc GST

Next Generation Video IVMS

The GB245 4G Dual Dashcam offers a step change in improving Driver Behaviour. This all-in-one fleet-connected dual camera solution helps fleet managers take IVMS to the next level, detecting a wide range of Driving Events and providing video footage to add context to each violation.

GB245 4G Dual Dashcam is suitable for both small and large fleets the device exceeds specifications for many mining, oil and gas sector IVMS requirements in a simple compact device platform.

GB245 4G Dual Dashcam Advanced IVMS features include:
  • Driver ID (Face ID or NFC Card)
  • Driver Fatigue (Eyes Closed)
  • Driver Distraction (Looking Away, Phone Use)
  • Seatbelt Usage
  • Harsh Braking/Turning/Acceleration
  • Speed Violation (based on live reading road signs)
  • ADAS (Stop Sign Violation, Tailgating, Lane Departure, Forward Collision Warning)
  • Driver Panic Button etc.

Driving Event video clips are automatically uploaded to the Geobox Video Telematics Web Platform for review and coaching by your Fleet Manager.

Video Telematics Features include:
  • Live GPS Tracking with Trip History
  • Event Video playback (30 second clips)
  • On demand Live Streaming
  • On demand Historical Playback from Map trace
  • Roll Up statistics by Driver and Fleet
  • Companion Driver App (Android)


The GB245 is a full HD 1080p 4G vehicle telematics dual dashcam and tracker designed for commercial vehicles.

Features include:

Live on-demand Video streaming

Live GPS location, speed and trip tracking

Loop video recording to SD Card (up to 256GB)

On demand remote cloud upload and playback of historical video

Operates on the Telstra 4G LTE 700MHz network

GB245 4G Dual Dashcam Supports over-the-air configuration and firmware updates

Windscreen mounted, 3 Wire Power connection

Tamperproof design

Integrated Driver Camera

Optional Side or Rear Facing Camera Add-ons (coming soon)

Integrated Driver Fatigue Monitor

Connects to Geobox VideoTelematics web platform

(Requires a subscription – see below)

  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh cornering
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Posted speed limit violations
  • Lane drifting
  • Stop sign violations
  • forward collision warning
  • Tail gating
  • Distracted driving
  • Distraction categories (cellphone, smoking etc…)
  • Drowsy driving/fatigue
  • Seatbelt violations
  • Driver ID with Face ID/recognition
  • Live streaming
  • Live tracking
  • Video loop recording (DVR)
  • Companion app
  • Device health and diagnostics
  • Panic button
  • Forward Camera: Full HD 1080p 30fps (configurable) FOV: 142°
  • Driver Camera: Full HD 1080p 30fps (configurable)
  • Connected: Yes – GPS, 4G/LTE (Cat4) connectivity
  • Built-in G-sensor: Yes, output rate: 100 Hz
  • Recording method: MSD – up to 256GB
  • Power: 12-24v
  • Input Voltage: 5V Input
  • Current: 3A Power
  • Consumption: 15W
  • Dimensions: 122.8 x 61.2 x 44.2mm (4.83 x 2.41 x 1.74″) (L x W x H)
  • Protect your vehicle or fleet against false driving allegations and increasing insurance premiums.
  • Monitor driver behaviour from anywhere using the VideoTelematics cloud platform.
  • Live HD quality video and review any incidents instantly (Forward and Driver views).
  • Track your vehicle at any time.
  • Driving Event Videos automatically applied to Drivers (via Face ID matching) for Stats and Tagging for Coaching
  • Reduce fleet operating costs.
  • Reduce risk with transparent fleet operations.
  • Enabling risk management control on the roads with complete visibility over fleet operations.
  • Accurate G-Force and GPS data to help mitigate third party repair costs or injury claims.
  • Analyses unsafe driving and assesses driver training needs.
  • GB245 Dual Dashcam
  • 12/24V Hardwire Kit
  • GB245 4G Dual Dashcam supports 64GB Endurance SD Card

Available Now

  • OBD Power Harness
  • 128GB SD
  • 256GB SD

Coming Soon

  • Additional Side or Rear Facing Camera
  • IO Harness
  • Remote Driver Event Button

NB: Video is encrypted on this camera,  it is not designed to operate as a stand alone conventional dashcam to replay direct from SD Card. GB245 4G Dual Dashcam requires a data SIM Card (ideally Telstra for coverage) and a subscription to the Geobox Video Telematics web platform to enable Remote Live Video and Historical Video Playback.

Additional information

SD Card Storage

64GB Endurance SD, 128GB Endurance SD, 256GB Endurance SD

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