Geobox Telematics Guru

Geobox Telematics Guru

  • Browser based, all you need is a login
  • Very easy to use, no training required
  • 80% of the features of the big platforms with 20% of the complexity
  • The best platform if you need tracking only, particularly tracking a mix of vehicles and unpowered assets
  • Developed in Australia, customisation quick, easy and low cost
  • Geobox will look after your system admin for you, so you dont need to employ an expert


Our easy to use web application gives you quick access all the features you use most, with minimal training required. No nerds required here.

There are so many GPS tracking platforms available, how to choose? We have seen a lot over the years, and the most common issue we hear are:

  • “It’s too complicated, no-one knows how to use it”
  • “It takes too long or too many clicks to navigate”
  • “We dont use the features”

Our locally developed Geobox Telematics platform has been designed from the ground up to be the fastest, and easiest to use platform on the market.

Key Features
No System Admin needed
Wide Range of Devices
Key Features

  • Easy to use, fast web tracking service, supported by all Geobox devices
  • True Live Tracking
  • Driver Scoring
  • Geofences and Alerts
  • Trip History Replay
  • Asset Database
  • Maintenance Jobs & Reminders
  • Flexible Reporting Options
  • Data Export Capability
  • IOS and Android Mobile App

No System Admin needed

The purpose of a Fleet Management System is to save you money in Operations, so the last thing you need to have to employ an expert to babysit the system.  We will set up the system, devices, add/remove users and design and schedule all the reports you need to use the system on an ongoing basis as part of the  monthly fee.

Of course you have full admin rights too and we can be hands off it you prefer.

Wide Range of Devices

The Geobox Telematics platform support a  diverse and rapidly growing range of tracking devices which include:

  • Standard 3G Vehcile Tracker
  • Hybrid 3G/Iridium Vehicle Tracker
  • Mako Package Tracker
  • Catfish and Remora Battery Powered Trackers
  • Personal Tracking /Man Down Alarm Devices and Mobile Apps
  • Satellite Asset Trackers
  • Industrial IOT Remote Sensors and Controllers



Your organisation may be locked in to using a Fleet Management System from another vendor or a specialist system developed in house. In which case you may just want Geobox devices to show up in your system.

Your organisation sees telematics data from mobile assets as a critical source of data for measuring and planning operations. You would like to push/pull this data into your corporate data warehouse to support cross functional BI analysis and AI tools

Integration Options

All the data coming from our devices passes through our highly configurable communications server. This data and associated asset meta data is available for web integration. Standard REST or Kafka APIs can be supplied or custom APIs can be developed by our dev team very quickly.


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