Webfleet Cam50

Webfleet Cam50

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  • Video recording​​
  • Automatic footage uploads​​
  • In-cab feedback​​
  • On-demand video retrieval​​​​
  • Live streaming*
  • Driving events​
  • ​AI-trig­gered events​
  • ​Alert button events​
  • 90 days event storage​​​
  • ​​Priva­cy-by-design​​

10 in stock

Optional Accessories

  • Side Aux Camera $11.00 inc GST
    Rear Aux Camera $12.10 inc GST
    Tamper Proof Case (replacement) $13.20 inc GST

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Safeguard your drivers and fleet with WEBFLEET Video​
  • Road and driver-facing cameras
  • Get insight into critical events​
  • Identifies risky driving and alerts the driver​
  • Best-in-class AI enabled technology​
  • Used in combination with dedicated video service fully integrated with WEBFLEET​
  • Configure to meet your privacy and compliance needs​​
Video recording​​

  • Constantly records when powered and in motion. Enters standby mode and stops recording after ten minutes of standstill.​

Automatic footage uploads​​

  • Events triggered by accelerometer or alert button are retrieved from the device and displayed in WEBFLEET.​

In-cab feedback​​

  • Provides real-time feedback to the driver regarding their behavior. Notifies the driver with audio and visual warning alerts.​​

On-demand video retrieval​​​

  • Request video from the device from a previous trip by using the trace in WEBFLEET to select a specific time and position.​​​

Live streaming*

  • ​Instantly view live video from any of the road and driver-facing cameras in your fleet.​​​

​Driving events​

  • ​​Triggered by the LINK device’s accelerometer in response to things like harsh braking and harsh steering.​​​​

​AI-trig­gered events​

  • ​Integrated artificial intel­li­gence (AI) identifies distracted driving behavior such as smoking, mobile phone usage, eating, drinking, and eyes not on the road.​​​​

Alert button events​

  • ​​When the alert button is pushed by the driver, a video event is generated and the footage is automat­i­cally uploaded to WEBFLEET.​​​​​

90 days event storage​​

  • ​​​​Video footage is kept for 90 days in WEBFLEET to give users sufficient time to review the video and take the necessary action.​​​​​​


  • Take full control over camera config­u­ration, including things like driver-facing camera behavior, and video retention period, as well as dedicated access rights in WEBFLEET.​​​
Camera resolution​

  • Road-facing camera: 1080P HD adjustable viewing angle FOV(D)140°
  • Driver-facing camera: 720P HD with integrated IR and adjustable viewing angle​

Built-in touchscreen display

  • 320 x 240 resolution​

Night view​

  • Infrared night vision​​


  • Built-in speaker for audio alerts​

Integrated alert button​​

  • Enables drivers to capture events with the push of a button


  • 128GB high endurance industrial SD​


  • SD card and SIM card are locked and tamper resistant​


  • 4G with 3G fallback​

Additional cameras​

  • Ability to connect up to four additional cameras, wired, and WiFi​​


  • Integrated battery. When discon­nected from power, it will continue to operate and send a power disconnect event.

Operating temperature

  • Operating: 0°C to 70°C (-32°F to 158°F)
  • Storage: -10°C to 85°C (14°F to 185°F)​


  • Integrated GPS​


  • Hardwire kit is supplied for wiring to permanent power and ground.​​

What’s in the box?​​​

  • Dashcam, mounting bracket, 128GB commercial grade MicroSD, hardwire kit for instal­lation (hardwire cable, add-a-fuse kit, fuse cap), security screwdriver, user guide, tamper-proof case​​​

Integrated Bluetooth® (class 2) for connection to PRO device and other accessories

3 channels (2H and 1H/L) *CAN TX config­urable via DIP switch (default: disabled)
Integrated mobile network module with LTE-M and GPRS technology
Integrated GNSS antenna and GNSS receiver – connector for optional external antenna