Recently Newmont identified a need to install a High Definition dash camera into our mining Haul Trucks. The initial purpose of this system was to provide footage of any safety incidents in the workplace. However the system usage has now expanded considerably and additional uses such as the provision of video for presentations and for recording operator competency assessments. After reviewing a significant number of HD dash cameras on the market and the completion of site based trial, we decided to install the Roadhawk HD dash camera including the optional Lockbox supplied by Perigean and Geobox. The result, a system that not only met our initial requirements but is now both used for other functions and has since been installed at other mine sites.

After working with Geobox and Roadhawk for an extended period of time, I would recommend them for anyone looking for a robust system that is both professionally and proactively supported. Geobox and Roadhawk consistently demonstrate a professional yet ‘no hassle’ approach to our requests.

Bradley Matthews
Fleet Management System Technical Specialist