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If you’re trying to manage your dispersed business from the road, we have the solution.

WEBFLEET Mobile gives you instant access to the information you need to stay in control of your entire operation, right there, on your Smartphone and Tablet.

As an entrepreneur or manager you spend a good part of each day on the road, just like your workforce. It’s hard to keep tabs on people when you’re out of the office yourself. But WEBFLEET Mobile makes it easy. With this handy fleet management app on your Smartphone you can view and control your dispersed operation, anytime and anywhere. So you can stay on top of the business you already have while you’re out getting more.

WEBFLEET Mobile helps you to deal with the challenges of the day. If a customer rings with a query, you can summon up the relevant information in seconds. See at a glance where your drivers have been, their current position and the status of the orders they’re working on. Thanks to WEBFLEET Mobile, everything you need to provide an excellent service is there on your phone when you’re not at your desk.

If you want to stay in control of your business, you’ll need to stay in touch with events. With WEBFLEET Mobile you can receive an automatic notification of significant changes across the fleet. This gives you round-the-clock reassurance that you know exactly what’s going on across your business in real time.

    • Access business-critical information on your iPhone, Android Smartphone or Tablet.
    • This includes locating your vehicles on a map, keeping an eye on traffic, monitoring current and past orders and receiving automatic notifications as their status changes.
    • WEBFLEET Mobile gives you instant access to data from the field, so you can always give your customers accurate information on the status of jobs in progress.
    • We know you don't have time to read manuals or help screens when on the road. So we've made sure that WEBFLEET Mobile is intuitive to use.
    • Smart technology
    • Improved efficiency and productivity
    • Clear and accurate reporting
    • Always connected to your people on the road
    • Up to date maps
    • Easy integration
  • TomTom LINK 530

    $583.00 inc GST
    • Get full control of your fleet with the leading vehicle tracking device
    • Get automated reports covering mileage, trips, time spent on location and driving behaviour.
    • Optimise efficiency of your teams on the road.
    • Empower your staff to spend more time with customers.
    • Drive down fuel, maintenance and insurance costs.
    • Reduce administration for your drivers and your back office.
    • Hassle Free installation, no external antennas required.
    • Now Connects to Telstra NextG, the network with the best coverage for optimum performance.
    • 7" screen and ruggedised driver terminal
    • Fully customisable with platform control
    • Easy serviceability with remote device management via WiFi
    • Lifetime TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras*
    • Build-in camera with flash
    • Near field communication (RFID) and 3G modem included
    • Rear camera support
    • PRO 8275 Connects to the LINK 530 via Bluetooth
    • PRO 8275 also has an integrated 3G Modem allowing it to connect to your office or cloud applications away from the vehicle
    • Full HD 1080p Video Quality
    • Excellent Day/Night performance
    • Integrated GPS and Accelerometer
    • Secure Event Video recording (not overwritten)
    • Automatic Video Loop Recording
    • 64GB High capacity SD Cards, 18 Hours Loop Video
    • Lockable/Tamperproof
    • 12-32V Hardwire Kit
    • 2 Year Warranty
  • Best in-class navigation & fleet management driver terminal

    • Best-in-class navigation and traffic
    • Connects with TomTom LINK for fleet management
    • Messaging and orders for workflow efficiency
    • Logs work, mileage, and business/private mileage status
    • OptiDrive 360 driving behaviour support
    • Simple and fast updates via Wi-Fi
    • Optional add-on OBD II plug for fuel efficiency management and OptiDrive 360
    • PRO 7350 Connects to the LINK 530 via Bluetooth
    • Real-time fuel monitoring
    • Carbon footprint reporting
    • Reports vehicle and engine diagnostic trouble codes
    • OptiDrive 360 support
    • Fast installation to the vehicle’s OBD-II port
    • Add-on device for fuel information. Works in combination with LINK 530 vehicle tracking device
  • Elite Dual Dashcam Kit

    $499.00$629.00 inc GST
    • Dual Lens Camera
    • Forward Facing + Rear Facing
    • Tamper Proof and Lockable
    • Full HD 1920 x 1080/1080p
    • SD Storage Capacity 32GB – 128GB
    • Normal / Event / Emergency Recording
    • Built in Microphone / Audio Recording
    • GPS
    • Video TV/Out
    • Google Maps Integration
    • Secondary Camera Input
    • Blackbox Technology
    • G Sensor
    • Speed Limit Alarm
  • Titan I Dashcam Kit

    $383.90 inc GST
  • Just like the Titan I, The Titan II is a tamper-proof, forward facing camera with a Full HD 1080P lens with a “trigger output wire” which can enable to connect with telematics/tracking units, but also has the capability of adding a second camera to it and a monitor.