No matter what your industry, our Fleet Management will help your company perform better.

Time Saved + Money Saved + Increased Productivity = Your Business Success

Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics
Industry Challenges
Benefits of Video Telematics

Service & Maintenance

Make driving a pleasure and boost motivation
Increase billable time
Punctuality to be proud of

Heavy Transport Tracking

Adhere to local directives and strict SLAs
Fuel Tax Credits
Track your drivers’ working hours
Monitor your driver’s fatigue and attention
Interstate deliveries made exceptionally efficient

People Transport

Regulations To Consider
Prevent Passenger Delays
Limit your Expenses

Civil & Utilities

Arrive at customers faster than ever
Make big savings on regular expenses
Prove your Safety, Dependability, and Green Credentials


Deliver on time every time
Boost the competitiveness of your service
Keep your dispatches on the move


Get real-time performance reports
Minimize your expenses
Calculate taxable mileage