Minimize expenses, improve efficiencies and help exceed service levels for larger fleets in the Committee and utility areas.

Arrive at customers faster than ever

When you’re supplying utilities up and down the country, it can be a challenge to keep response times low. Geobox’s solutions give you complete control over your fleet to help you reach customers as quickly as possible. Our satellite navigation system uses live data to give drivers the best routes avoiding traffic jams and unnecessary detours. Furthermore, our vehicle tracking system means you can give customers real-time updates on a driver’s progress, and warn them quickly if there are going to be delays.

Make big savings on regular expenses

For a large fleet in the Utility sector, small costs can quickly add up – for example, fuel, communication, and administrator. Geobox’s solutions can help you save money in more than one way. Our efficient two-way communication system lets you send details instantly to a group of drivers without making expensive cell phone decisions. State-of-the-art navigation gadgets assist you to cut down on unnecessary mileage and fuel costs. Furthermore, you’ll save money on administrator as well, with our product that creates solid complete reports at the touch of a button.

Prove your Safety, Dependability and Green Credentials

If you have signed an agreement with local authorities and a strong reputation to maintain, consistency is vital. Geobox gives you all the data you want to show you’re meeting even the most stringent demands. Our automated reports give you detailed proof of your drivers’ locations, journey times, stops made, and time enjoyed with clients – all at the touch of a button. And because our navigation devices help you reduce pointless mileage, you’ll automatically reduce your carbon emissions as well.

Civil and Utilities Case Studies

With over 25,000 customers, and 300,000 active vehicles in 22 countries, Geobox’s business solutions have been applied successfully in a broad range of industry niches. A selection of Civil and Utilities Case Studies are presented here, click here to open. Many more case studies can be found.