Decrease costs, offer more aggressive rates, and succeed in service delivery.

Deliver on time every time

If you’re running a courier service, you’ll realize people don’t like to be kept waiting. Geobox’s solutions can assist you with keeping your clients in the loop with the progress of their delivery. You’ll get constant data on your driver’s situation so you can update your customers as soon as there’s a delay and give them an estimated time of arrival. You’ll also be able to give them an accurate record of delivery times thanks to our vehicle tracking system – and prove you’re complying with SLAs.

Timely Delivery with Geobox
Efficient expenses management with Geobox

Boost the competitiveness of your service

Maintaining low costs is essential to retaining consumers in the courier industry because to the intense competition. With Geobox’s technology, you may spend less on communication and petrol while still providing the best prices for your clients. Without making any expensive mobile phone calls, as soon as a call for delivery arrives, you’ll be able to immediately communicate the information to the nearest driver. Our cutting-edge navigation system combines real speed data and live traffic information to route your vehicles from one pick-up to the next securely, reliably, and as swiftly as possible, saving you money on wasted mileage.

Keep your dispatches on the move

Delivery drivers spend a lot of time on the road, so delays can cause them unnecessary stress and loss of time. By preventing traffic congestion and pointless detours, Geobox’s solutions can let your bikes and vans cross town more quickly, providing your delivery drivers with a simpler, safer, and worry-free journey. Additionally, you’ll be able to manage your fleet of vehicles to ensure that they are being used safely as well as to accurately track driver time behind the wheel and ensure efficient use of working hours.!

Dispatch tracking with Geobox

Courier and Express Case Studies

With over 25,000 customers, and 300,000 active vehicles in 22 countries, Geobox’s business solutions have been applied successfully in a broad range of industry niches. A selection of Courier and Express Case Studies are presented here, click here to open. Many more case studies can be found.