Improve Driver & Passenger Safety Along With Service Reliability

Regulations To Consider

There are a lot of regulations when it comes to plying passenger transport. From vehicle maintenance to safety requirements, Geobox Solutions make compliance with the laws easy and quick. Geobox’s dashboard gives you access to real-time information such as driving hours, fuel levels, etc. It helps to make sure that drivers are keeping passengers safe and secure.

Geobox improve Driver & Passenger Safety
Prevent Passenger delays with Geobox

Prevent Passenger Delays

It is important for businesses deploying taxis, coaches, and mini buses to make sure that drivers reach to pick up the passengers on time. Geobox Solutions help to cut down the time required to reach passengers. For example, when a passenger books a cab, Geobox will transmit the pickup location to the nearest driver. If the driver gets delayed, our systems will notify the passenger about the delay along with the ETA of the driver. Moreover, our intelligent system. Whether you run a fleet of taxis, coaches, or mini busses, it’s important your drivers keep to their appointment times. Geobox can help you significantly cut down on delays in several ways. For example, when someone orders a cab, you can instantly transmit the location and pick-up time to the nearest driver, who simply has to tap ‘accept’ to navigate straight to the pick-up point. If they’re delayed, our tracking system lets you know so you can update the passenger with accurate ETA’s. And our state-of-the-art navigation system gives drivers alternative routes to avoid traffic and get their passengers to their destinations safely, reliably, and in the quickest possible time.

Limit your Expenses

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the costs of running a fleet of taxis or coaches, Geobox’s products can help. Our navigation system can help you save on unnecessary mileage and fuel by telling your driver the best route to take – whether they’re in a coach negotiating queues on the motorway, or driving a taxi across town at rush hour. Send job information directly to the Geobox’s devices, saving money on mobile phone calls. Finally, our Fleet Products will inform you automatically of your drivers’ movements and working hours, saving you time and money on admin.

Limit your Expenses with Geobox

People Transport Case Studies

With over 25,000 customers, and 300,000 active vehicles in 22 countries, Geobox’s business solutions have been applied successfully in a broad range of industry niches. A selection of People Transport Case Studies are presented here, click here to open. Many more case studies can be found.