Track the efficiency of your sales force and monitor mileage liable for tax.

Get real-time performance reports

It’s crucial to monitor your salespeople’s effectiveness in the field if you want to reach your sales goals. Additionally, you want to make sure they are driving safely while cramming in as many appointments as they can. You may track the productivity of your team by using a Geobox solution to acquire thorough, trustworthy information on the amount of sales made, driving duration, and stops made. Additionally, utilizing real-time data to determine the optimum route, our satellite navigation system will direct your sales representatives from one appointment to the next promptly and safely.

Real-time performance reports powered with Geobox
Expense management with Geobox

Minimize your expenses

Your sales force spends so much time on the road and fuel costs can quickly add up. Modern navigation systems from Geobox help your reps move between customers effectively while saving you money on unnecessary travel by leveraging real-time traffic updates and speed data.

Calculate taxable mileage

Geobox’s solutions make it simple to measure exactly how many miles are taxable because sales representatives frequently use their cars for both professional and personal travel. You’ll receive comprehensive data on the use of the vehicle, including the miles, fuel usage, driving style, and the number of customer stops.

Calculate taxable mileage with Geobox

Sales Fleet Case Studies

With over 25,000 customers, and 300,000 active vehicles in 22 countries, Geobox’s business solutions have been applied successfully in a broad range of industry niches. A selection of Sales Fleet Case Studies is presented here, click here to open. Many more case studies can be found.