Greater control over your long distance deliveries helps you comply with strict Service Level Agreements and keep your drivers safe on the roads.

Adhere to local directives and strict SLAs

In transport and logistics, compliance is particularly important: you have to follow local directives on driving and working hours and the implication of not keeping strictly to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be huge. Geobox solutions help you see exactly how long your drivers spend at the wheel, and who has enough hours remaining to complete the next job. You’ll also avoid hefty late delivery fines thanks to reliable tracking reports that keep you up to date on your driver’s progress every step of the way.

Track your drivers’ working hours

When you pay your drivers by the hour or mileage, accurate and reliable reporting is key. Geobox solutions let you see exactly how well your drivers are performing, thanks to real-time reports that tell you how long they spend driving, with customers and on breaks. Not only will this help boost performance, you’ll also have comprehensive proof for customers that you are complying with SLAs.

Monitor your driver’s fatigue and attention

Driving a heavy vehicle long distances requires skilled, dedicated and alert drivers. Geobox in cab technology monitors the drivers eyes to generate audible alerts and seat vibrations when micro sleeps or inattention events are detected. Additionally linked cameras can provide the evidence you need to understand what happened so you can take preventative actions.

Interstate deliveries made exceptionally efficient

When your drivers travel hundreds of kilometres across state borders, it’s important to make your operation as efficient as possible, and to be able to prove you’re keeping to your SLAs. Thanks to our vehicle tracking system, you’ll be able to quickly find the most suitable driver for a job based on his availability, location and ETA – and deliver your customer’s goods faster. And you’ll be able to show proof of your driver’s arrival time and how long was spent loading or unloading – helping you avoid any penalties.

Fuel Tax Credits

Whenever your fleet drive on non public roads such as mining site and agricultural tracks and within client premises you can claim back the diesel fuel excise component of the fuel used (currently 43c per litre). A Geobox telematics system enables you to collect the information you need to make a full claim

Transport and Logistics Case Studies

With over 50,000 customers, 800,000 active vehicles in 22 countries, Webfleet’s business solutions have been applied successfully in a broad range of industry niches. A selection of Transport and Logistics Case Studies are presented here, click image to open. Many more case studies can be found here.